Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wow, it's been a long, but good day! My feet are sore from dancing last night and touring all day, but it was completely worth it for both things (although I could have done without a couple of people stepping on my toes last night considering I was wearing open-toed sandals).

Since I doubt this week at work will provide too many pictures, since I've covered the Escalator & the office view of Kowloon & the Harbour, I'll spread out posting the weekend fun. I set out today for Tsim Sha Tsui, and the MTR is incredibly clean and efficient compared to the NYC subway! Here's the terminal and boarding the train.

The Cultural Centre was hosting a synergy drumming competition, which was interesting.

Here's the famous Hotel Peninsula, which reportedly has one of the best afternoon teas in Hong Kong.

And in a sign of the times, there was a Buddhist monk passing talking animatedly on a cell phone. I was hoping to get a better picture, but really didn't want to be horribly obnoxious.

The first stop was the Hong Kong Museum of Art, which looked out across Victoria Harbour toward Hong Kong Island. Here's the Convention Center looking straight on at it.

This is further east in Causeway Bay.

Off to the west is Admiralty/Central and the Bank of China tower (the tall angular building).

This is direct Central, where I work. The really tall building in this picture is the International Finance Centre (IFC) Tower 2.

In the top middle of this picture, that weird shaped thing like a shallow u is the famous Victoria Peak, top of the mountain that's a major tourist attraction.

This is a close-up of the pier terminals which run along Central district. Ferries are still a major way to get around, and the primary way to get to Macau.

Yes, this has been the normal weather here since I've gotten here except for the first weekend. Today was actually clearer than usual, and last night when it was supposed to be clear, there were two spontaneous downpours. In short, even the meteorologists have no clue what Hong Kong weather will be!

There seemed to be some sort of Boy Scout equivalent around as well, since I saw them here and in Kowloon Park.

Once I got into the museum, I went up to the first exhibit, and didn't see any pictures about photos (plus I'd turned off my flash on the camera), so I got these pictures before the guard noticed and came over. I felt terrible, since I really didn't know it wasn't allowed, but I picked up brochures for the rest of the exhibits instead. Here's the actual source material, however.

Here's a chart on the wall of the dynasties and example ceramics that matched each that I could snap.

Here's the ceramics and special collections from the brochures. There was one more exhibit of gold and accessories, but they were out of brochures, and two galleries were closed for renovation.

This was a particularly lovely piece I saw, so I'm glad that it was featured in the brochure so I can share it :).

From here it was up Nathan Road, to Kowloon Park, Yau Ma Tai, an incredible Chinese supermarket, the Jade Market, Temple Market, food markets you wouldn't believe, Tin Hau Temple, and Man Mo Temple (back on HK Island In Sheung Wan). Pics will follow!

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