Monday, October 25, 2010

I've just come from a lovely trip to the Peak, but I'll skip straight to Macau. We were coming into harbor through spray and cloud.

We hopped a pedicab from the airport to Largo do Senado (Senate Square).

The Portuguese architectural influence is very strong here, far stronger than the British influence in Hong Kong, mostly due to the fact that the Japanese didn't destroy most things during World War II.

And yet there's the unmistakeable East meets West, even in the center of the square.

From here it was up to the fort nearby, where the Museum of Macau is housed, along with wonderful views.

The majority of Macau isn't actually casinos or gambling. Here's a real neighborhood from above.

There's an old lighthouse from the early days still on top of a hill (Thank you zoom feature).

We walked down to the ruins of the church of St. Paul.

Close up of the facade.

This area strongly reminded me of the Spanish Steps in Rome.

I love the fact that a state known for gambling actually has a pawn shop on their historic register.

Finally, we circled back to Largo do Senado where we decided our feet had had enough for the day.

Here's one of the many bridges around Macau. How they get them that long & sinuous I have no idea.

There are only a few islands between Macau and HK. This was a tugboat as we came back into Victoria Harbour.

As we reached dock, the sun was a red ball sinking into the ocean. This picture doesn't do it justice, but it was gorgeous.

From here it was back to the Intercontinental, to follow with pictures of the HK skyline NOT taken from a boat :).

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