Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today we're back to the food blog along with some miscellaneous pictures I haven't found a place for. This is the restaurant where we go to have dim sum in Central.

Here are the pig's knuckles that I tried at Deli-O, the equivalent of a fast food restaurant here. They weren't bad, but a bit too fatty for me.

This was my lunch today.

It looks harmless, but although I've eaten chicken feet, cuttlefish, tripe, sea urchin, and pig's knuckles here, this was the dish that didn't agree with me. Ironic.

Here's Temple St. Night Market in full swing.

My aunt and I went to the Mido Cafe for dinner, a much more local place than she would go normally :).

This was Staunton Cafe on a Thursday night - Soho comes alive.

Across the Escalator, the Yorkshire Pudding pub was more low-key. The entire pub is made up to look like a telephone booth.

Here is the pool at the Intercontinental.

The Peninsula is the large angular building without the Chinese letters on top, one of the most famous hotels in Hong Kong.

And that's all for the random collection of photos. Tomorrow I'll post the Intercontinental and promenade, then Thursday night the Peak. Friday night I'll be on a plane back to NYC.

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