Thursday, October 21, 2010

After dinner tonight at the Mido Cafe with my aunt in Yau Ma Tei, back to the weekend story.

Sham Shui Po was quite the experience! Everywhere else I've been, at least some people spoke English, but not here. Purchases were negotiated via iPhone, since numbers look the same even if they're spoken differently, so they punch in a number, than you take the phone & punch in a number. Quite interesting. This was Yu Chau St. where the bead and ribbon shops were. I was hunting thread, but was there too late in the day (and on Sunday). Still a definitely worthwhile trip.

As I was walking down the street, I saw a gathering of men, and particularly older men. Curious, I wandered by - it was the Sunday gambling club in front of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. I guess that's Off-Track Betting here!

I hadn't gotten what I'd come for, but hey, why not explore while I'm here? This was a typical apartment building in the area.

Walking around, I found a large building on Pei Ho St which turned out to be a large food market. Yes, folks, those are live chickens with price tags on the cages.

Dried fish? They've got that!

Oh, you wanted live fish? Shellfish? Squid? Got it.

Downstairs was the meat market. You'd better know your sirloin from your round because there are no instructions here.

On the top floor there was a food court. This picture was a little blurred since I was in a hurry. I was being stared at like I had 3 heads and the camera didn't help.

From here I scooted back out to the street, and as I was wandering, saw a sign for another jade market. Hey, why not? This was on Tang Chau St (sp?) and again I was forbidden to take pictures of individual stalls or pieces, so I had to settle for this.

It turned out that the market is next to a public park, so here's the entrance of Tang Chau park.

From here I headed back to the Sham Shui Po MTR station and took it down to Yau Ma Tei, which I've posted earlier in pieces here and there.

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