Sunday, October 17, 2010

Another wonderfully busy day as a tourist. I stopped into Hong Kong Park again for a gift for my sister, then hopped the MTR at Admiralty and went up to Sham Shui Po looking for sewing materials. Unfortunately, most of those wholesale shops were closed on Sundays (plus I was there around 1:30), but the whole area is a giant market. Clocks? Got those. Electronics? Yup. Fishing poles, helmets, toys, small appliances (knives, cookware, etc), large appliances (washer/dryer, air conditioners), foods of every type, loudspeakers, trinkets, lamps, and almost anything else you can think of was on sale. I couldn't take many pictures, however.

One of the odd things here is the restrictions on pictures in MANY places. Any kind of craft or street stall doesn't allow photography. I tried to take a picture inside a shop that was selling what looked like dried pigs' ears among other dried things and was rushed by the owner yelling no no no before I took the picture. So I took it from a diagonal angle in another store before they saw me. Thank God I found the zoom on my camera. But that's a very strange thing; I'm starting to ask before I take pictures anywhere! These pics were from yesterday on Nathan Rd, btw.

Here are other pictures from Nathan Rd. yesterday. First of all, anything called a bar? Not quite like the bars in the US.

Here's a side street, and I loved the name of this restaurant.

This is the end of Kowloon Park (I'll post those photos separately. Outside of the park, they pack more shopping in with a boardwalk-like venue.

North of Kowloon Park, Nathan Rd. was more shops.

As I was walking by an Italian restaurant chain, I saw this melding of East and West.

Then, of course, there were the traditional Chinese foods and markets which are so different from how food is presented in supermarkets in the US.

There were fruit and vegetable markets and a goods market similar to a street fair (but nothing like the Sham Shui Po market!).

Here's what a typical apartment building in this area (Yau Ma Tei) looks like.

I also visited Tin Hau Temple (Kowloon) and Man Mo Temple (HK Island) yesterday and another temple today on Yu Chau St which I had no idea what the name was, but it was pretty. I'll post those separately.

I'm also going to post my trip to the Jade Market separately.

On my way home, there's a piece of the Escalator between Queen's Road and Des Voeux Rd. that is called Central Oasis. The walls on one side look like this and there are recorded bird calls being played.

Finally, additional coming attractions are Sham Shui Po, the Pei Ho Market, Tung Chau jade market, Yau Ma Tei once more, the Temple night market, back to Tsim Sha Tsui promenade and the trip on the Star Ferry back to Central.

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