Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today was the first sunny day since the weekend, since it's very hazy here almost constantly when it's not cloudy. As a result, I finally got to take some pictures of the view from the office! First though, it was off to breakfast. Outside of dim sum, there seems to be little traditional Chinese breakfast, so one of the popular items (at least in SoHo) is eggs benedict and variations. This was with baby shrimp, tomato, and tarragon.

After the fuel stop, it was on to the office where the picture taking commenced.

As it cleared during the day, I could see an odd terraced hill in the distance in Kowloon. The verdict was that it was a cemetery! That has to be the largest cemetery ever!

The harbour is very blue, and has variegated shades for different depths.

Here's the Hong Kong Convention & Expo Centre.

Finally, as evening drew on, everything took on a lovely pink-purple hue.

Today was a lot of training, organizing, and trying to plan out next week's more difficult training. I've tried to organize my lesson plan so that we started off slow and then ramped up from there so I'm coming into the tougher stretch, but this weekend I'll try not to let my back get the best of me!

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