Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It took me over an hour to connect properly to the wireless here again; my last room was more reliable, if more insectoid. This morning I took my time and went for lunch rather than just breakfast (lunch starts at 11 here). This is the Peak Cafe and the smoked duck and mozzarella pizza that I ordered which was very good!

The Peak Cafe used to be on the actual Peak overlooking Victoria Harbour but presumably due to rents, it decided to land in SoHo instead, for which I'm very grateful when I decide to take my time in the morning to get there past 11 am.

Lunch was a typical noodle soup and pork dumplings which were delicious! The difference between Americanized Chinese food and real Chinese food? Freshness, flavor without depending only on salt, and wonderful seasoning mixes that are completely lacking in Americanized Chinese. No wonder I've been reluctant to eat US Chinese food.

I saw a lovely red-sailed boat on the harbor from the office window (sampan?).

Finally, I realized I had pictures from outside the Escalator, but not what it's like riding inside (which is really the ordinary view), so here you go.

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