Friday, October 8, 2010

And we're back to the pictures, nothing too exotic since I was still off to work and back, but I sort of filled in the blanks. Here's a typical side street from the Escalator in daytime.

On my way back up the Escalator, here was the crowd out in front of the Staunton Bar & Peak Cafe. Far busier than during the week, and considering one week ago I was in the air over the Pacific, I missed it then.

This is Mosque St. which I hike up and down every day to get to the Escalator.

Once I reach the top, this is Robinson Rd. and the green light at the end is my hotel!

Here's the living room of my hotel. The bedroom & bathroom are small but fit a double bed & a shower stall.

Just for comparison's sake, here's my apartment in NYC which is the main room plus a kitchen & bath.

Not bad for a hotel in HK!

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