Wednesday, October 20, 2010

People here are completely nonchalant about the approaching typhoon and I've been assured by a friend who was in a relatively large typhoon in Japan that this will bear no strong resemblance to Katrina or any of the truly severe hurricanes that hit the US. Transportation may shut down, but mostly it's a lot of rain and moderate wind, or so I hear. Pictures will be captured if possible (but my camera's not waterproof!).

I'll probably be staying in my aunt's hotel room, so I may not be updating, depending how things go.

Today seems like a good day to do the temple pictures. This is Tin Hau Temple, right near the Jade Market.

Since I saw a sign saying that photography has to be cleared with the correct department only if it's tripod photography, I proceeded to snap a few shots of the incense spiral being laid, the big Buddhas, and a wall of mini Buddhas.

As I turned around after the last picture, I noticed someone giving me a very dirty look, so I just smiled, packed up the camera, and left, wondering what the deal was considering it specifically just mentioned tripod photography. Then I noticed a sign outside that was a camera with an do not sign. Oops. Too late now.

Outside, there were lovely decorations off the back and on the roof.

The next temple I tried to check out was Man Mo Temple in Sheung Wan on my way home Saturday. I didn't expect it to be open since it was past 6, but it too was under construction just like the Jamia Mosque.

The next day as I had arrived in Sham Shui Po, I happened upon this temple on Yu Chau St. You can see the difference in size and in the large construction vehicle parked in front of it, although the inside was still serene.

I haven't ran into any other temples since this one, although there's a main Catholic cathedral near here, a synagogue somewhere, and St. John's Cathedral, the oldest surviving Catholic house of worship on the island.

So there's my religion tour of Hong Kong!

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