Sunday, October 10, 2010

My cunning plan for this weekend had one very major flaw in it. My body was not up to the task. My back, which was injured in a car accident in 2005, tends to go out whenever I've been under stress and move the wrong way. By move the wrong way, I mean lift my head just a bit when my muscles aren't ready, and bam. Pain. Yesterday I couldn't even get out since it hurt to walk. Today I managed to walk to the pharmacy to get some topical muscle relaxant, and got partway down the Escalator for breakfast, but unfortunately there's no way I can get all the way to Tsim Sha Tsui. So in lieu of more interesting pictures, here's what little I have.

I stopped in to the Jamia Mosque, but unfortunately it's under major renovation, so it looks like I won't be getting inside. Regardless, here's the front and the yard surrounding it.

Here's the dedication plaque on the mosque. Notice the scaffolding is bamboo!

Here's a view down to the mosque gates that I photographed earlier from outside. The people walking by are on their way down the Central Escalator.

Finally, as I was painfully making my way back up the hill (Escalator runs down until 10 am, so it was walking for me on the way back), I saw a Baptist church. Who knew there were Baptists here, although I hope they're not as rabid as their Southern counterparts.

I'm going to try and get down to Hollywood Rd. for a cheese room dinner tonight, but I'll have to see how it goes.

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