Monday, October 11, 2010

Today the researchers took me out for dim sum, and wow! There's the traditional fare, dumplings and savory cakes, beef balls and a lovely coconut/egg white mixture served in the coconut shell. And then, there was the chicken feet (I forgot to take a picture before I ate this one, but you can still see it. It tasted like spongy chicken, but was rather good. The most disturbing thing was spitting out the toe bones.

After this, they wanted to see what I would try, to which I answered anything as long as it's not spicy. Behold cattle tripe, also known as cow stomach lining (front dish) and cuttlefish.

The tripe was good, although a little chewy, and the bumpy texture reminded me of tongue. Here's the insides of one of the other dumplings, part of a chicken with little bones (couldn't figure out what part), a large bumpy mushroom, and some pork.

One of the major differences between Chinese & American food is the textures. We're used to generally firm food items with little in between yogurt texture and meat texture. Anything slimy, mushy, or varied in texture (chicken skin over softer meat, for example) is usually not found on our table. It's fascinating to see and taste the differences firsthand!

Finally, as I was walking home, the Calvin Klein on Queens Road had a model party. Oddly enough, I didn't see one Asian model in the group. Not to mention on a Monday night? I don't know what it was for, but it seemed truly strange and out of place.

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