Monday, October 18, 2010

Back to Friday night as promised. Here was the first place that we all went to have drinks with colleagues from work. I think this is the first time in forever that I saw a pool table I didn't play on :).

From there it was a trip to a local club in Lan Kwai Fong, I decided to head home around 1 am. As I'm walking down Hollywood Rd, I see this.

Being the Good Samaritan I was, I stopped by his friend who was watching over him, and offered to wake him up with a gentle sternal rub. Now that he was awake, I chatted with the vertical Aussie while his friend insisted he couldn't get up. I stayed to help harass him vertical again while his friend filmed him on his iPhone planning for a YouTube debut, and after 45 minutes we got him up.

I also took a pic of the LKF clubbing scene - the end of this street is PACKED and the two girls in black dresses are about the level of dress.

From here it was on to Drop, another club they knew about, while the passed-out one rallied like a true Aussie. Around 2:30 I headed on home. Oh, and the Escalator stops running at midnight, so it was a long, painful walk home, though it was worth it to have a night out here.

Anyway, on to Kowloon Park, which I visited after the HK Museum of Art on Saturday. This was larger than HK Park, and had a lake near the entrance.

There were banyan trees all around.

In one pavilion, there was a team of girls practicing synchronized drumming, but with ribbons too.

The drinks vending machine was quite different as well. Notice the Pocari Sweat in the lower right corner, previously featured in pictures.

On a related topic, here's CC Lemon (very good!) and Watsons Water, the popular one here.

There's a giant swimming pool in Kowloon Park. Note the fake waterfalls!

The Chinese Garden was beautiful, and this was the central pavilion.

There was some sort of sketchy photo shoot going on in the pavilion with two girls (one in a green wig & one in a pink wig), and one guy with the camera. Whatever, I suppose, everyone's got to have a hobby.

After this it was back out ot Nathan Rd. and pictures I posted yesterday.

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