Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Day and Zoological & Botanical Gardens

Besides settling in to the hotel and trying to figure out the local currency, I took advantage of the fact that the Zoological & Botanical Gardens are right down Robinson Rd. so went there to tour. One thing I did not miss from summer, however, was the HEAT. Anyone who knows me knows that I much prefer cold weather since my Irish comes out and gives me a scarlet, sweaty face rather quickly. Nevertheless, I braved the heat and here's proof (now that I have a digital camera and figured out how to read the pictures).

Lots of monkeys (and even raccoons as exotic animals).

Beautifully different foliage.

In the green house (which was blessedly cool), there was a gorgeous display of orchids.

Finally, one of the main attractions there are the aviaries. Since I haven't figured out the zoom on my camera yet, this was the best picture I got of a crane.

Finally, here's the view from my hotel room. The large leafy patch you see off to the right is the Gardens!

Tomorrow I'm off to Central via the Escalator, so more pictures may or may not follow.

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