Monday, November 1, 2010

Ok, down to the last set of pictures! Even in Hong Kong, they try to make ex-pats feel welcome. This is a diner designed to be very American called the Flying Pan where you can get decent coffee & breakfast.

SoHo was prepping for Halloween as I left. Only Lan Kwai Fong & Soho tend to celebrate it, and here was the English pub Yorkshire Pudding with various fake body parts hanging outside the sign.

Since clear nights were a rarity in HK, I caught the moon rising over the skyline the last week I was at the hotel.

The next to last day at work, they took me out for dim sum in this restaurant.

Yes, that is a trolley with a TV inset in the middle of the aisle. Here were some of the offerings.

Here's Connaught Rd. from one of the overhead walkways. It's possible to walk on the sidewalks, but because of crowding the overheads are usually a better bet.

Here was an egg tart and fried dough bubbles, two desserts in HK. They were delicious!

Finally, yesterday morning I snapped a picture of my street. While it was 80-90 F in HK, here it's 50s for the high, and the leaves are turning! Weather shock!

That's all folks! Thanks again to work who gave me this incredible opportunity!