Sunday, October 10, 2010

Since I'm unable to do much today that involves turning my head or jarring my back, I figured I'd take pictures of the currency I've been collecting in my time here. I have almost every piece, except for a $500 and $3,000 bill (and I'm not going to even GET a $3,000 so that's not happening), and a 20 cent piece.

Here's the coins - at the top are two 10 cent pieces, pre and post China takeover, and one 50 cent piece (there was no change post China). Below that are two 1 dollar pieces, pre and post, two 2 dollar pieces pre and post, two 5 dollar pieces pre and post, and one 10 dollar piece (not sure if it changed, this was all I had).

The first pic is all, the second is a close up where Queen Victoria has been replaced by what I guess is the Hong Kong symbol. I can't figure out what it's supposed to be, but my best guess is a stylized orchid.

In terms of bills, here's the 10, 20, 50, and 100 bills. The front (first pic) has an icon on it, in order, the HK orchid, a lion head, a turtle with the head of a dragon, another lion head.

As for the backs, they have panoramic pictures except for the 10 bill. The 20 is the Peak Tram with HK and Victoria Harbour in the background, I think the 50 is a picture of historic Hong Kong pre-skyscrapers, and I have no idea what's on the 100.

That's all for now. For anyone reading this from my Mom's birthday party (it's now 12:18 pm on Sunday here, so in about 13 or so hours, you'll hopefully see this), I love you, and Happy Birthday Mom! And to all, yes, I threw out my back, yes, it'll be fine, no, I'm not going to see a doctor. DO NOT WORRY :)!

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